Explore the Uses and Benefits of Text to Speech

The Value of Text to Speech (TTS)

Adding voiceover to your courses, instructions and materials in general, can help bring content to life and make your e-learning materials more engaging.

In an ideal world, we could all use professional, high-quality, natural-voice talent. But let’s face it: sometimes that’s unrealistic, in which case you’re going to find Text-to-Speech (TTS) to be a really helpful feature for adding some oomph to your materials. Even if you are using professional narration, TTS is useful during the up-front storyboarding, to help you nail down the final script and to allow stakeholders to get a better feel for the final content.

Another benefit: TTS can make your courses more accessible if you use it to provide audio information for low- or non-sighted learners. There are quite a few advantages to using TTS for your narration. Got changes to your script? Need to tweak a word or term used throughout your audio? With TTS, there is no need to re-record. Simply email us the changes and we will re-run the script changes through our TTS AI software. We will then send you back the recompiled and updated TTS.

Below is an example of a children’s book that gives the reader the opportunity to read and to listen to the story. This helps in improving reading ability.

However the important thing is that these type of stories can be produced at affordable cost as expensive human voice overs are not used.

An example of TTS (Text t Speech) in action. A variety of voices, accents and languages can be chosen when creating a project.



Wendy Bowman

Transcript of the Text To Speech

As he sat looking across at his sister, Jeremy wondered what would become of them. So much was about to change, it was all quite awesome to contemplate. He had been staring out of the window for hours watching the countryside go by. At first, he had been filled with a sense of adventure and excitement as they crossed over the rolling farmlands that he knew so well; but now the scene had changed, and he watched with fascination as they entered beautiful but unfamiliar forestlands.

The motion of the carriage swaying to and fro had lulled Jemima into a restless sleep, and that left him with nothing to do but think.... Yes, the future was definitely awesome!

Suddenly, one of the horses let out a frightened neigh and the carriage swerved, sending Jeremy tumbling across the seat. After he had managed to untangle himself and sat upright again, he looked across at Jemima. She appeared to be unaware that anything had happened. He studied her lying on the opposite seat. She looked so small and helpless, just like a little rag doll. Why was it, he wondered, that he always felt as though he was older than his sister?

She was, in fact, his senior by a whole year. Maybe it was the crying; she always seemed to find things to cry about and that made him feel bigger; and besides, he had been able to push his mark just that wee bit taller than Jemima's the last time Mother had measured them against the door ... Mother! ... He suddenly felt a sob leap out of his own throat, his eyes started to sting and he swallowed hard. He glanced quickly at Jemima in case she had witnessed his brief moment of weakness, but it was all right, she was still sleeping.

He stared out of the window again to put his mind on other things, but he couldn't see much now because dusk was falling and the images were fading fast. He started to feel cold, so he moved across to sit beside Jemima and pulled the blanket over them both. That was better. He could feel the warmth of his sister beside him and he was glad she was there. That's all there was now … just the two of them. He decided, on that chilly evening while they traveled on their way to the big city, that from now on, he would have to be the decision maker, the strong one.

He was starting to feel sleepy himself. He snuggled closer to his sister. His thoughts drifted on... What would Aunt Rose be like? He hoped Cousin Priscilla would be nice... What would living in a... big city.... be.....like......? His eyes closed as he slipped away into the world of dreams.

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